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Fun, charming, and informative!

Listening to Kat and Hayley cover wildly fascinating topics each Thursday has become the highlight of my week! Each episode feels like I’m catching up with old friends over a glass of (boxed) wine. I seriously cannot get enough! Keep up the good work and keep in the chit chat at the beginning of the episodes (screw the naysayers I love it!)

2 new friends

It feels like 2 friends! They are relatable, hilarious, and down to earth. They cover interesting topics in a very succinct, fun way. They are my commute buddies. 10/10 would recommend. Love you guys!

Super fun!

I just discovered Night Classy and have already fallen in love. It is quirky and entertaining! I’m also a former teacher, so fun to hear from other teachers!

Night classy is the first time I had fun learning

Two minor complaints 1. I just binged every episode so now I have to wait a whole week like a peasant, it’s giving childhood sadness 2. While binging I accidentally listened at 2x speed so now if I put it on regular speed you girl sound like snails to me. You girls were my first podcast and I loved every single episode can’t wait to hear what you’ll do next 10/10 would listen religiously!

Night Classy is First Class Fun

Such a great podcast that makes you laugh and makes me feel cooler with all the weird fun things you will learn! I love that it feels like your just hanging with friends while listening!

Great podcast

Night Classy is my new favorite podcast that I’ve been binge listening to for a while now. Kat and Hayley are great hosts who teach you a lot while being funny. You can tell that the two hosts + producer Alec are real, genuine people who are passionate about what they do. I highly recommend giving this podcast a listen! *Also, I see a lot of reviews about “valley girl voices.” I listen to the show on 1.5 speed and I don’t really notice it so that may help lol

Love This Podcast!

This is an insightful and fun podcast that everyone should be listening to! I also love that they address covid vaccinations. Getting vaccinated is not a political issue! If you care about humanity you should get vaccinated! Thank you for making great content and caring about humanity 🙂

Love Love Love!

Love these girls! (And Alec((Alex?? My bad) such interesting topics and they are just funny tbh. Feels like sitting with girlfriends! Can’t recommend enough

Laugh, Learn, Laugh Some More

This podcast is hilarious, and touches on a wide variety of topics. From Blue Adept to cryptids to ICP juggalos, you will learn something and have fun doing it.

Love this podcast

I saw someone post how they didn’t like them giggling! But I think it makes the show! Hahah love this lady’s !!!


Love these girls, keep it going ladies!

Awesome podcast!

I started listening to this podcast recently and I’ve been hooked ever since. They have excellent banter and a great sense of humor 😂 These girls always have great and interesting stories to tell, I’m constantly laughing and learning something new at the same time. Go listen!

Fun and fascinating

First followed these guys as a fellow teacher doing remote learning. I love the variety of topics covered, and the unique humor with which these girls treat their subjects.


Such a good podcast! Interesting topics and fun banter keep me laughing and hooked!


Love the topics of each episode keep up the great work!

Hot for teacher

Funny, informative and hot. What more can you ask for?

Learning and laughing

I love hearing these local young teaching transplants talk about varied topics each week. They discuss not only their researched story, but also their discoveries about Memphis, starting careers, and overall learning in a post university life. It takes me back to my twenties and gives me hope that my kids will have teachers that they can’t drive too crazy!

Educational Popcorn

I enjoy listening to these educators. Where do they get these topics from? These episodes are perfect for my commute to and from work. I would attend a live podcast.

The. Best. Podcast. Ever.

I am obsessed with Kat & Hayley 😭 They are so hilarious, I can’t get enough of Night Classy. I put all my friends on to this show. It’s crazy because I’m not a podcast person and they have easily converted me. Love at first listen 🤍

The best

My favs, the best to listen to and so relatable ❤️

Love love love

Absolutely love when a new episode drops every Thursday, perfect reason to drink with two sweet gals! The variety of topics is awesome and overall super interesting :)

Great concepts

Love hearing the way these ladies teach about their two topics. I always love to learn!

From one teacher to another… I LOVE UUU

One of my favorite podcasts EVER!


This pod is so fun! I love a random fun fact and this is the perfect pod to learn then and laugh about them. 🍾

Funny and Creative!

I love this podcast! The hosts are funny and innovative. I love seeing other teachers doing great things outside the classroom!


These informative teaching queens prove that gen z/millennial cusps can be great futurist citizens and instill hope for the future of society. Cheers and thank you! 🥂


These girls are AMAZING. They are so fun to listen to and give my commute life. I love y’all!

Love this podcast!

I’ve been listening to random episodes that sound interesting and this show never disappoints! I love learning about random topics that I may not think of in my day- to- day life. For some comedic relief from the typical spooky and crime podcasts I listen to, this is my go-to.

Best. Podcast. EVER!

I’ve been listening to Kat and Hayley since basically the beginning of the podcast, and I have yet to be even slightly disappointed! They really do pick such interesting topics every time, and I learn about new things that I didn’t even know I wanted to learn about. Besides the actual content being amazing, their banter back and forth at the beginning and throughout the podcast only add to my enjoyment and I never want to miss any parts of each episode. And it’s so easy to go back and re-listen to earlier podcasts and specific topics. It’s not cringy at all like it is with other podcasts. They’ve been funny and true to themselves since the beginning, and I honestly hope this podcast goes on until I am on my deathbed.

So fun

I have been listening to this podcast when I need to destress. It’s fun and informational and it puts me in a better mood every time. I recommend it to everyone, especially if you need a pick-me-up. :)