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If you miss hanging with your friends listen to this pod

I found this pod, well they actually followed me so I took a listen and oh my god! These two are the funniest girls ever, and so is Alec! I talk to them all the time, they’re amazing when it comes to connecting with their fans. But ya, I’ve been listening to them since right before quarantine and they make it a lot easier when I couldn’t see my friends anymore. Listening to Night Classy literally feels like you’re having a conversation with friends. Plus they talk about ANYTHING, like true crime to the history of Lisa Frank. It’s amazing.

My new favorite podcast

This one is well worth your time.. educational, entertaining and a ton of fun :)

I feel like they’re my friends

Seriously they are so fun and it’s like listening to my best friends. These ladies are great!

Night classy lights up my panny d like nobody else

I love this podcast so much. It’s so nice to be able to engage in interesting topics that take my mind of everything going on even just for an hour or so! I find myself laughing while listening, and promptly dropping fun facts on my friends the moment it’s over. I always look forward to a new episode each week! Thanks for giving me something to look fwd to during a global pandemic !

Love it!

I am so not their target audience but I love the podcast. I find myself smiling, laughing and sometimes even learning something. It’s a ton of fun to listen to!

Class Act

Find you a podcast that actually interacts with their listeners! On today’s episode (10/8) they talk about how they don’t know if they want their co-workers to find out about the podcast and here’s my take! Teachers are people too, and I think now in a pandemic world we need to be reminded of that even more. Just like any other working human they need to unwind after their work day and need to have a personality/life outside of teaching. Will people judge sure but I think it’s refreshing more so than problematic

Super funny and sneaky informative

I f–king love this podcast. The hosts are so funny, intelligent, and clearly passionate about their listeners and their content. I look forward to every new episode, and I couldn’t recommend it more if you’re looking for a comedy podcast that centers womxn’s voices, education, and having a good time.

Love them to death!

these girls are SO sweet & obviously put so much time & effort into the work they put out. they always have fun & interesting topics & the tangents they go off on are always fun to listen to. it’s like you have two more best friends to listen to!

I teach, therefore I wine.

Cannot get enough of these two! Stumbled upon their podcast and instantly was intrigued. I’m a teacher and I LOVE wine, so this was definitely up my alley. Great mix of comedy, true crime, conspiracy theories, history, and more! Teacher or not, I highly recommend listening!

Hilarious and Interesting

The dynamic between the hosts is hilarious! I found this podcast last week and have been BINGING! The topics are interesting and vary drastically each episode, so you never know what you’ll get and it’s fantastic! They also do dif activities related to their subject sometimes, which is super fun. Also love that they use a breathalyzer to see who goes first, it’s very unique! What a great idea. Can’t wait for more.

Not Too Classy in the Best Ways

This podcast is the best combination of fun to listen to, but also really interesting topics that captivate. The hosts do an amazing job of covering all the material (like they are professional teachers or something??) while weaving in some solid laughs. One of my new favorite podcasts to listen to while I work.


Random topics are just scraping the surface of Night Classy. It really thrives on the two engaging hosts and their chemistry. They are funny and engaging, the production is solid, and it's easy to listen to overall. Give them a listen and subscribe now!

Fun podcast to learn random things!

Love listening to this podcast to have a fun time learning random things (old and new) that I never would have looked up myself! Both Kat and Haley have a great delivery and ability to story tell, plus the production quality is 👌🏼. Highly recommend!


Entertaining to listen to while on the road as well as during quarantine. That Kat girl is specifically funny.

Teaching Champs

Such a captivating and thought provoking podcast! Kat and Hayley are incredible teachers in and out of the classroom! Definitely worth a listen!


I love wine and I'm a teacher! Really nice to listen to these two chat and relax with some pinot! Keep up the good work! Love from Chicago!

Teachers + Wine = Pure Magic

They had me in the first ep with their deterministic theory. Not only thought provoking, but I no longer feel alone drinking wine by myself while social distancing.

Awesome Podcast!

I’ve always wondered if teachers were actually cool outside of class. Now I know they are, at least these two teachers. Great podcast, captivating topics, superb quality. 5/5 would recommend to anyone

I wish they were my teachers!

I listen to quite a few podcasts through out my day, and this by far is becoming my favorite! I do have to rewind a few times to really catch what they are talking about, mostly due to my ADD and multitasking, but these gals are hilarious! I wish they had been my teachers when I was in school! Keep up the good work gals!

Fill your quarantine hours with this

If you haven’t already heard this pair of grape enthusiast professors’ podcast, subscribe to Night Classy right now. Download these sweet pods to fill your hours with funny stories & interesting content during these strange COVID days. I know you’re social distancing, so cozy up with that glass of Meomi and fire up your Alexa to tune in to Night Classy!

Great Show

What a terrific podcast. Great banter, interesting topics, fun hosts. The runtime flies by. I look forward to hearing more.

My new favorite podcast

Omg. THIS IS THE PERFECT PODCAST! Hayley and Kat are amazing together and so funny, plus they teach about super interesting and random topics while drinking (which is amazing). Was super excited when they first mentioned making a new podcast and was left in anticipation until now-SO worth the wait! Definitely my new favorite thing to listen to and should be on everyone’s list because of how fun and creative it is !!

Great podcast!

If the description of this podcast doesn’t get you hooked, the first episode surely will! I love the theme of teachers discussing here what they can’t in the classroom. I can’t wait to see what other topics arise. And of course, WINE!

This is the good stuff.

I got sneak preview. It’s not a big deal or anything. No need to look me up. But I got the chance of a lifetime and I took it. Don’t judge me because you’re not lucky. Not all of us get to witness a historic blast like Hiroshima. And that’s what this show is. A big fat blast.

Funny AND interesting

Kat and Hayley have amazing chemistry and find the coolest topics to “teach” each other. Can’t wait for more episodes!